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Ship chandling activities dates back to the second millenium before christ, Gincarlo Ligabue a ship chandler as at that time and also an archeologist was able to describe in his book how a fish was caught, prepared and supplied to a ship for consumption by the sailor.

Right from inception of building a boat that became hollow and needed to sail, somebody had to supply them. As soon as a traveler embark on a journey through the sea for a journey of few hours duration, the traveler needed to prepare sustenance and package it in the form that would withstand the rigours of voyage.

When men started to circumnavigate the globe i the middle ages, the business of storing ships like thier building had become a highly technical and specialized materials used had to be special type and quanlity and the people who supplied them had to have special skills and knowledge.

As far back as 1877, there exist a company that was acting as ship chandlers and wine merchants.

As ships became larger and thier requirements are more technical, the ship requirement became multitudinous. Most vessels prefer to take 90%(ninety percent) of vessels requirement through one ship chandler in a particular port because of logistics problems such as invoicing, multiplication of supplies etc.

History Of Ship Chandling in Nigeria

The profession of Ship chandling in Nigeria dates back to pre-second world war when nigeria was using Hackey permits, but it was not until 1958 that the law establishing the profession came into force by Act of parliament. In 1958, the Customs and Exercise Management Act (C.E.M.A) cap 84 laws of the federation were enacted to regulate and promote the ship chandling profession. According to the provision section 74 of the act, the minister or in his absence can delegate the board of the Nigeria Customs to make regulations for the licensing and practice of the profession. This law also recognized ship chandling as an international business, and both individuals and corporate organizations should be licensed to carry out the business.

Ship chandling is a business made of retailers who specialises in supplies of equipment and goods for ships, known as ship's stores. For traditional sailing ships, items that could be found in a chandlery might include: rosin, tuprntine, tar, pitch (resin), linseed oil, whale oil, tallow, lard, varnish, twine, rope and cordage, vegetables, oakum, tools (hatchet, axe, hammer, chisel, planes, lantern, nail, spike, boat hook, caulking iron, hand pup, marlinsplike), brooms, mops, galley supplies, leather goods, and paper. items that could be supplied by the modern day chandlers ranges from provisions (foodstuff), victuals, engine oil, water, engine spare parts, materials and whatever other supplies the captain of the ship may require..

From early 1970's to early 1980's, the profession ship chandling witnessed a boom that is armade period. There was high traffic of vessels coming to discharge cargo in Nigeria due to oil boom. individuals as well as corperate organizations identified with this business as a result of the enormous opportunities the boom and congestion policy engendered.

As activities in the nations port.

Registered Since 1986(RC No: 3279)

Nigeria Ship Chandlers Association was registered in 1986(RC No: 3279) with the ministry of Internal Affairs now Corporate Affairs Commision(CAC).

The Association itself has been established since 1958 and had been running for years now. We have helped hundreds of chandlers succeed with their chandling projects. .

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Our Professionalism

Our two greatest assets are our members and our integrity; all our members are experienced and qualified as professionals. Our competitive advantage stems from the atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that permeates through the Association, the care and concern that we have for our chandlers(Licensed) greatly enhances our ability to deliver quality goods and services on time and within budget and at all times we are dedicated to our customers and their requirements.

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Local Legislations

The Law that established the Ship Chandling was passed by av Act of Parliament of 1958 during the colonial era before Nigeria's Independence in 1960, reviewed 1990(quoting the Customs and Exercise Management Act(C.E.M.A))

Why Register with Us

NILSCA only give Licence to competent Chandlers to assure quality and best output for each projects. Our team of chandlers work hard together to provide each of our trusted partners and clients the best output.

Our Executives

New Excecutives Council of the Nigerian Licensed Ship Chandlers Association

Dr Martins C. Enebeli

National President.

Etiana Ventures Ltd

Mr Abilo Ochuko Ughe

National Deputy President / Lagos Zonal chairman and operations.

Yannis Maritime Services Nig Ltd

Mr Uche Mbaoma

National Vice President

Uchejosiah & Son Ventures

Mrs Beatrice Ogbumou

Financial Secretary.

Ede Egbuaba & Sons Ltd

Alhaji Alpha

Direct General of Six Geographical Zone

Al Bradin Nig Ltd

Mr Babatunde Aminu

National General Secretary.

Alhaja Aminu & Sons

Mr Duran A.Duran

Chairman PortHarcourt Zone.

Renge Tech Service Ltd

Mr Julius Okocha

Chairman Warri Zone.

J.C Okocha & Sons Ltd

Mr Aminu

Inter Governmental Affairs.

Mr Kingsley Onumaegbu

National Organizing Secretary.

Mark & Finah Nig Ltd

Mr Frances Obeh

Deputy Organizing Secretary.

Mr Solibibo Horsfall

Trustee and EX Official.

De Kailo Oil Services Ltd

Mr Kinsley Onojaife

Cordinator leagues of Trustee and International Matters

Jassco Maritime Resource Ltd

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